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Finally someone can see…

"I've  waited so long for someone to teach me this stuff!" Said K, starry-eyed with excitement. Finally someone saw her. K is one of the children in the Garin's youth center, the Hamamit.  K lives with her challenged single mother who immigrated from Ethiopia a few years ago.

K suffers from social difficulties and emotional distress, as reflected by severe obesity which only adds to her negative self-image. No one has ever tried to talk to her about it or teach her about a healthy lifestyle.

Her mother was too busy providing for her kids that she couldn’t take the time and guide her to a healthy nutrition.

After a long period of time in the youth center, and after K got attached to the center's Educational staff, the Hamamit's director turned to K and asked her a question: "Would you like us to sit down together and plan a weekly menu with healthy and nutritious food?"

 K was stunned, and immediately smile spread across her face, "I've  waited so long for someone to teach me this stuff!"  She said excitedly.

Together with the Hamamit's director K  built a menu which led her to healthy nutrition, but most importantly: K, together with other Hamamit kids, learn on a daily basis that  everything is possible and that the sky is the limit!


Unfortunately, today we can help only 17 children. There  are dozens of children in Kiryat Nordau waiting for such loving afternoon programs which would give them love and guidance, and get them off the streets.

The "Hamamit" (children's center) in Kiryat Nordau was established 7 years ago, in order to create an afternoon program for children at risk. Many children, mostly Ethiopians, wander the streets of the neighborhood without supervision from the time school ends until late evening. The “Hamamait” is open four days a week and gives children an enriching afterschool program that helps prevent their exposure to violence and crime. 


* Help with homework

* educational help

* mapping difficulties

* hot meals

* personal empowerment

* emotional support

* games

* art and music classes and more.


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