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Community Yeshiva:
A Special Combination of Torah- Study and Contribution to Society


The Community Yeshiva in Netanya is the only institution of its kind in Israel, which was established to achieve a double objective: to promote the Kiryat Nordau neighborhood in Netanya, and secondly to promote the yeshiva students in a unique way.


The yeshiva students volunteer in the community, working mainly with children and youth, by thus help to promote the well-being of neighborhood. 


The Community Yeshiva in Netanya also uniquely promotes its own students. The special combination of Torah study and social action attracts students who wish to combine Torah study and contribution to society. Study and practice complement each other, and give strength and vigor to add each of these areas. The students are also educated to continue learning and giving all their lives.


The Community Yeshiva in Netanya is in the spirit of religious Zionism, and prepares young students toward meaningful service in the IDF.


This year there are approximately 50 students who participate in two programs: Young students before the army and married yeshiva students after the army.

Before-army students volunteer in various places: "Netanya's Sun" youth club is run entirely by students of the yeshiva, and provide social and educational help to dozens of children, packing food deliveries to needy families, tutoring children, MDA and helping children with autism.

The married student’s program study in a Halacha program toward the rabbinic ordination, and take tests of the Chief Rabbinate. Yeshiva students volunteer in their free time rabbis of different communities it the area, making the synagogue a meaningful and spiritual center. Many yeshiva students give Torah lectures, and learn with the Bar Mitzvah boys or adults, and provide solutions to all who seek.


Future Goals:

1. Grow and open more learning facilities in order to reach and help promote additional age groups.

2. Open clubs for children and youth with yeshiva students in other neighborhoods.

3. The religious high schools in the city are crying out for an educational solution for youth during afternoon and evening.


In order to pursue these goals the Community Yeshiva of Netanya needs appropriate facilities such as structures for a Beit Midrash, dining room, classrooms and boarding for the students, dining room equipment, a suitable library - cabinets and more.

Yeshiva students volunteer in various places:


Youth Club


packing food deliveries

to needy families


tutoring children




children with autism.

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