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About us

Kiriyat Nordau neighborhood is one of the lowest socioeconomic level neighborhoods in Netanya, Israel. Seven years ago, a group of religious Zionist families came to the neighborhood to live with the local community and try to improve the lives of its residents. Children in Kiriyat Nordau are exposed to violence and crime in the streets on a daily basis. Most of the residents are immigrants from Ethiopia. Their difficulty integrating into Israeli society caused many social, economic, emotional and educational crises in the society. Today there are about 40 Garin families who have moved to the neighborhood and view giving as a way of life.




During the past seven years the Educational Garin has:

  • Started a new school and 7 preschools

  • Opened a youth center for disadvantaged children

  • Established "Yeshiva mesimatit" where boys before army recruitment take part in an unique program which combines Torah study with contribution to the community.

  • Opened garin sherut leumi- where 20 girls on national service live in the neighborhood for a year and volunteer in different education roles.

  • Established "Techelet Center for Jewish Identity" in which 6 girls on national service attend different nonreligious schools across Netanya and teach pupils about Jewish holidays, Shabbat, Bar Mitzva, Jewish history etc.

  • Initiated many cultural and educational activities and events in the neighborhood such as: Bat Mitzva for disadvantaged girls, Bible festival (a huge and colorful festival dedicated to the stories of Torah), communal matza baking before Passover and more.


Planned activities:

  • Children's center: reaching more children, expanding the activity hours, hiring more staff (including social workers and therapists), providing hot meals, purchasing new equipment and games.

  • The Community active Yeshiva is in crucial need for purchasing an apartment where yeshiva students could stay and continue volunteering in the community. In addition, the Yeshiva aims to grow and open more learning facilities in order to reach and help promote additional age groups.

  • Open clubs for children and youth with yeshiva students in other neighborhoods



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